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Photography Tips

These tips came from hands-on iPad photography lessons provided by Oak Bay High School Photography students. Here are the following tips (from the mouths of Kindergarten students) on taking great pictures of trees:


1.  Get up close and photograph details in leaves, bark, roots, etc. Don't get too         close, though, because your photo will be blurry.

2.  Zoom out and find a beautiful background for the picture.

3.  Make sure the light from the sun is shining on the object we are photographing.

4.  Move the iPad around and take pictures from different angles. 

5. Take photos of trees from underneath, above, or beside.

6. Hold the iPad steady. Try to find a place to rest your elbows so you're not shaking when taking your picture.

7. Press on the picture first to focus on what you're taking a picture of. 

8.  Look for something that YOU think is beautiful.

9. Try to make sure there are no people in your picture of trees.

10.  Turn the iPad sideways to get a better photo of the whole tree.

11. Lay down under the tree next to the trunk to get a better shot of the trunk and branches from close up.

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