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How to share your tree photos...

  1. Choose a favourite tree or one that you come across that you think is special.

  2. Take a                          of your tree.

  3. Adults can post it on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account and add #treesrkind. Be sure to TAG us on our Social Media pages by typing in @connectionsink1. 

  4. Make sure you also add your reflections about the tree you chose. What makes it special? What do you know about your tree?What do you wonder?

  5. Add the general location of your tree. Please note: your tree doesn't need to be in a park or other public area. It might be in your very own backyard!

  6.  If you would like us to add your tree picture to our website, please send the location of your tree, your photo, and your reflections to us by email. 

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