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École Willows students and staff wish to acknowledge the Esquimalt and Songhees peoples on whose territory we live, learn, and created this website. Much of the scientific knowledge presented on this website was known years before as Indigenous knowledge.  

How do trees show kindness?

Connections in Kindness is a movement that began with a heart-warming question from a Kindergarten student who asked, “Can trees be kind?” Through this site, we hope to encourage people to get outside and enjoy all of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time amongst the trees. Did you know that trees give off a chemical that makes us feel good when we are outside? Being around trees boosts your energy, immune system and creativity. It can also restore focus and reduce pain and stress. Simply looking through a window or observing trees in a photograph can have similar benefits.

By sharing your photos and reflections of amazing trees in your community, you can offer the benefits of trees to people who are unable to go outside. Share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and TAG us @connectionsink1. This is especially important now during the COVID19 pandemic, as there are many people who are quarantined or self-isolated in their homes, in hospitals or in care facilities. During these difficult times, people are craving connection and kindness more than ever before. Why not offer the chance for everyone to connect through the kindness of trees?  

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Our hope in caring for Earth

We hope that this project helps you form connections with trees and with each other. We also hope you learn about and share the kindness of trees with others. Our mission is to spread kindness while deepening the connections and appreciation you have for trees in hopes that we all learn to do a better job of taking care of our natural world. To learn more about the kindness of trees, see the              page. 

Please enjoy our project and help us to spread the word!

How can your photographs help?

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